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The Backseat Driver


All LineDriver and Lazy Liner Owners:
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How do you carry all of your essential tools, equipment, stencils, cones, paint and warning lights around the job site?


The Hard Way:


The Easy Way!

Now that you have experienced the efficiencies of owning a Lazy Liner or LineDriver, you are ready for the next step: The Backseat Driver.

With The Backseat Driver mounted on your pusher, you are now able to become even more efficient than you ever thought possible. Have everything you need within reach any where on the job site. No more returning to the truck for tools, paint or equipment. The Backseat Driver is great for carrying stencils, dropping and picking up cones, towing carts, and a base for a shade umbrella and warning lights. The best part…you decide how to customize it to your needs.


The Backseat Driver:
Equipment Carrier for LD’s & LL’s

  • Three places to store tools, measuring tapes, five gallon buckets, traffic cones, stencils, weights, coolers, etc.
  • A hook to pull your large stencils or a wagon
  • A fast and quick way to drop off or pick up cones
  • All engine components easily accessible
  • Protection for the engine from damage. It acts like a bumper.
  • Back and side trays can be removed to save space
  • Stencils can be hung for easy access and drying.
  • A warning light can be added for alerting drivers to your presence at night.
  • A base to attach an umbrella to protect against the sun.
  • The ability for you to customize the unit to your needs.

Ware-Ever Pavement Maintenance Co.
13493 SW 75th Place
Tigard, OR 97223

The price is: $225.00 plus S&H from Portland, OR., 97223. It includes the basic unit and two removable trays.

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