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In 1972 I began teaching at a local Portland area high school in the business education department. That same year I started Ware-Ever Striping Co. in order to keep busy during the summer months and make a few extra dollars. I always wanted to teach and coach but I also enjoyed doing outdoor construction. It was a great match. When school was out in June, the weather was right for striping parking lots. Then in September when the weather began to change, I headed back to the classroom and the soccer field.

As our clientele increased, so did our services. We expanded to include seal coating, crack filling,line removal and patching. Being involved with high school sports, I began working with the maintenance of athletic facilities. Ware-Ever began to restripe and repair running tracks and tennis courts. Being in education, I had a soft spot for school budgets and always gave the schools a very "competitive" price. We continue that practice today. We have probably retriped more tracks in the Portland area than any other company.

After leaving the teaching profession, we were able to greatly improve our "off" season service. With the introduction of new sealers, we can extend the season into the spring and fall.

I am proud to say that Ware-Ever is one of the oldest pavement maintenance companies in Portland. My philosophy from day one has always been to provide the best service and the greatest value for the dollar. After 34 years, these two principles still hold true. People who are responsible for spending their client's money know that their reputation is always held in high regard when they work with Ware-Ever. In that time period we have worked on everything from your neighbor's driveway to sealing/striping a 30 acre parking area for the Port of Portland. If you check out our reference page, you will see that we have amassed a very impressive list of clients over the years and it continues to grow. Hopefully you will consider adding your name to that list.

We have the equipment and personnel to get the job done the right way, on time and on budget. Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding pavement maintenance concerns. After 34 years, I feel confident that I can answer your questions with a clear and honest response.

Dennis Ware

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